• Cam Oyler

Joy and CrossFit

This summer, my oldest graduated from USNA, got married, and moved to Florida. Whoa. That's a lot in anybody's book!

As the kids unpacked and began planting roots in their new state, finding a church and a gym were priorities they both voiced. What do these two things hold in common? Connection, Friendships. COMMUNITY.

Over the weekend, this picture popped up on my Instagram feed. There's so much happiness and joy here! Let me share what I see as a Health Coach and as a mom.

Physical activity is an important factor to living a holistic healthy life. No doubt. And I totally agree. But it can't be the only factor.

In the big picture, it's called Primary Food. There are 12 parts. It’s the stuff that feeds and nourishes our lives that ISN'T on plate and DOESN'T go in our mouth, but makes us feel full.

Things like relationships. Joy. Social life. Health. Creativity.

Having the best workout routine ever means nothing if your relationships are falling apart.

Having the cleanest, most organic diet means nothing if you have no one to share that meal with.

Having the best (fill in the blank) is worthless if you can't feel the joy in your life.

You get the idea.

So what do I see in this picture?

I see two newlywed transplants investing in their relationship with each other. I see new friends and community surrounding them. I see an abundance of physical activity and health. I see joy and happiness!

Kudos to Perdido Bay CrossFit for creating an environment that embodies all the goodness many CrossFit gyms hang their hats on…community. And as Pat Sherwood says, "Make it the best hour of your day.”

As a mom, there's truly nothing more satisfying than watching my kids grow and flourish into their adulthood. Embracing change. And challenges. While finding their joy in the midst of it all.

I’m curious…What lights you up? What makes you feel full? Let's hear it!

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