• Cam Oyler

Ahhh, My Kentucky Home!

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

This is a story about faith and trust. . The day I finally put my intentions into ACTION and went house hunting, this was the FIRST place I saw. . It was ‘just okay’-quite honestly. . It was more than my budget. The kitchen was UGLY.  I knew the owners had staged the place. It felt FAKE. . As the day wore on, I probably looked at 7 houses. Many times, I’d walk in the front door and say ‘I’ve seen enough.” And off we’d go to the next place. . That’s when the first place, THIS PLACE, began to tug at me. So, I gave it a second chance. . It had enough room for my human and fur kids. There was enough parking. It was *so close* to the city. The street was quiet and on a cul-de-sac.  And the backyard was private with lots of trees. . The market was moving so quickly and if I blinked, this place would be gone. . With so many obstacles, (more than I wanted to spend AND I had another house to sell first AND self doubt ‘who do you think you are buying this place anyhow?!’), they accepted my contingent offer. Which means I had to trust they wouldn't get an offer while I was selling and closing on my old place. . Fast forward. It ALL worked out. . Obviously. . One of the best parts....This home had a secret. One that wasn’t listed in the description.  One I didn’t see during the showing. . It has a view. . With a sunrise. . And sunset. . As a sit on the deck this morning with my coffee and my cats, typing, rehashing this story, watching the sunrise, I can see where faith and trust played a hand in this. I was reminded second chances may hold beautiful unexpected gifts. .

Luther and my morning coffee

Sunrise over Cincinnati-This never grows old!

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