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The EmPack 

by Evolved Motion

I LOVE THIS THING!  It's a backpack.  It's a weight training pack. It's my favorite piece of equipment in my gym!  It's designed with 3 sets of handles so you can grab it where you need to.  From lunges, to squats, and carries, to shoulder to overhead, to swings, and weighted sit-ups...It's my GO-TO weight!  


Order yours HERE. Use EMPOWER at checkout for 10% off!  


The Hormone Cure

by Sara Gottfried

A girlfriend's guide! A goldmine of information.  As we age, it's important to understand what is happening to our bodies. Another book that every female needs to read!



Period Repair Manual

By Lara Briden

What you wished you knew from the beginning of your cycle.  It's for you-for your daughter-for your best friend.  Great supplement information! Every female needs to read this book - it will change your life!


I learned about Vibrant Blue Oils while taking The Adrenal Repair with The Body Awareness Project.  I carry both the Adrenal and Parasympathetic Blend in my purse!  I use them to calm my Fight or Flight response throughout the day or before eating to prepare my body to digest my food.  A game-changer for me!   


IIN is a great blend of education on the all aspects of health coaching.  We studied innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over 100 dietary theories.  The school supports you as a student with live coaching calls and experience working with clients.  They support you on the business side too with numerous tools and lectures. 

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